Classic Elegance Necklace & Earrings

Classic Elegance Necklace & Earrings

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • 4mm Round metal spacers
  • Black seed beads
  • 2 large Black seed beads (for earrings)
  • 6mm Jet bicone beads
  • 10mm Jet bicone beads
  • 6mm Gold stardust beads
  • 6mm Jet glass diamond-cut beads
  • 1 pkg Lace hem tape
  • Small black satin rosettes
  • 24-gauge gold wire
  • Gold crimp beads
  • Gold jewelry wire
  • 2 Antique gold oval jump rings
  • Head pins
  • Dotted antique gold bead cone
  • Gold earring wires
  • Scissors
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose & flat-nose pliers



  1. Cut gold jewelry wire 10", 11", and 12" lengths. String the first (shortest) strand with a pattern of three black seed beads and one round gold spacer. String the second strand with an alternating pattern of 6mm jet bicone and round gold spacer. String the third strand with a pattern of jet diamond cut, black seed bead, gold stardust, black seed bead. Repeat pattern.
  2. Arrange the 3 beaded strands in front of you, in curved positions. Adjust the lengths of each so they all end at the same point, adding and removing beads as necessary. End each strand with at least 6 seed beads, so that they fit easily within the cone bead. Slip a gold crimp bead and seed bead on both ends of all strands. Slip the end of the wire around the seed bead and back through the crimp bead and the next bead, forming a loop. Crimp; trim wire ends.
  3. Cut gold wire into two 7" lengths. String one through the crimped loops on the left side of the 3 strands and fold in half. Slip a cone bead over the two wire ends and pull the ends of the strands into the cone. Repeat for the right side.
  4. Wrap the wire ends protruding from the end of the cone beads around the un-split end of the large antique gold jump ring about four times. Curl the ends and tuck in near the wrapped wire. Repeat for the second jump ring.
  5. Cut two 8" lengths of lace hem tape. Sew a black satin rosette at the center of each, leaving needle and thread attached. Tie the hem tape, rosette side to the front, around the top of the cone bead and bottom of the jump ring. Stitch securely in place so that the rosette sits gracefully. Trim hem tape ends.
  6. Cut two 26" lengths of lace hem tape. Slip one through the split end of the large jump ring, making sure ends are even. Slide 6 small gold jump rings down the length of the hem tape, ending near the large jump ring. Repeat for the other side. Necklace is worn by tying the hem tape behind the neck, adjusting length as desired.


  1. On a decorative gold headpin, string a 10mm jet bicone bead and a round gold spacer. Make a wrapped loop at the top and trim away excess wire. On a second headpin, string on a gold spacer, bicone bead, gold spacer, small black bead and another gold spacer. Finish with a wrapped loop.
  2. Connect both headpins to the earring loop with a single gold jump ring. Repeat for the second earring.


  1. Cut two 5" lengths of 24-gauge gold wire. Make a simple loop at one end with round-nose pliers. Slip loop onto the loop of the earring form, and then finish with a wrapped loop. String on three 6mm jet bicone beads. Finish with a wrapped loop.
  2. On a decorative gold headpin, string on a 10mm jet bicone bead and a round gold spacer. Make a simple loop, slip onto the terminal loop of the earring, and finish with a wrapped loop on the headpin; trim excess wire. Repeat for the second earring.