Classic Rib Hat

Classic Rib Hat

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Lion Brand
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Additional Information



  • Lion Brand®:
    • Wool-Ease® Thick & Quick®, Wheat (1 ball) or color of choice
    • Stitch markers
    • Large-eyed blunt needle
  • Circular knitting needle size 11 (8 mm), 16" (40 cm) long
  • Double pointed knitting needles size 11 (8 mm), set of 5


Finished Circumference About 18-1/2" (47 cm), will stretch to fit a range of sizes.
Finished Height About 9" (23 cm)


13 sts + 14 rnds = about 4" (10 cm) over K2, p2 rib, slightly stretched.

K2, p2 Rib worked in rnds (over a multiple of 4 sts)
Rnd 1: *K2, p2; rep from * to end of rnd.
Rep Rnd 1 for K2, p2 Rib worked in rnds.

M1P (make 1 st as if to purl) An increase worked by lifting the horizontal strand lying between the needles and placing it onto left needle. Purl this new stitch through the back loop – 1 st increased.
skp Slip 1 as if to knit, knit 1, pass slip stitch over knit stitch – 1 st decreased.
sk2p (slip-k2tog-pass slipped st over)
A double decrease worked as follows:
1. Insert right needle as if to knit, and slip the next st from the left needle to the right needle.
2. Knit the next 2 sts together.
3. With tip of left needle, lift the slipped st (the 2nd st on right needle) up and over the k2tog (first st on right needle) and off the needle – you have decreased 2 sts.


* Hat is worked in one piece in the rnd, first on circular needle, then changing to double pointed needles.
* When knitting in the rnd on double pointed needles (dpns), sts need to be divided fairly evenly onto the needles. If working with a set of 4 dpn, sts should be divided among 3 needles. If working with a set of 5 dpn, sts should be divided among 4 needles. The total number of sts will not always be evenly divisible by the number of dpns that being used. Simply divide sts as evenly as possible to create a symmetrical ”˜tube' of knitting.

With circular needle, cast on 55 sts. Place marker for beg of rnd and join by working the first st on the left hand needle with the working yarn from the right hand needle, being careful not to twist.
Rnd 1: *K2, p1, k2, p2, k2, p2; rep from * around.
Rnd 2: Rep Rnd 1.
Rnd 3 (Inc): *K2, M1P, p1, (k2, p2) twice; rep from * around – 60 sts at the end of this rnd.
Rnds 4-9: Work in K2, p2 Rib.
Rnd 10 (Inc): *K2, M1P, p2, (k2, p2) twice; rep from * around – 65 sts.
Rnd 11: *K2, p3, (k2, p2) twice; rep from * around.
Rep Rnd 11 until piece measures about 6 in. (15 cm) from beg.
Shape Crown (top of Hat)
Rnd 1 (Dec): *K1, skp, p1, k2tog, k1, work in rib as established over next 6 sts; rep from * around – 55 sts.
Rnd 2: K the knit sts and p the purl sts.
Rnd 3 (Dec): *K1, sk2p, work in rib as established over next 7 sts; rep from * around – 45 sts.
Change to double pointed needles as you work the next rnd, with 15 sts on each of 3 needles.
Rnd 4: Rep Rnd 2.
Rnd 5 (Dec): *Sk2p, work in rib as established over next 6 sts; rep from * around – 35 sts.
Rnd 6: Rep Rnd 2.
Rnd 7 (Dec): *P2tog, work in rib as established over next 5 sts; rep from * around – 30 sts.
Rnd 8 (Dec): *P2tog, work in rib as established over next 4 sts; rep from * around – 25 sts.
Rnd 9 (Dec): *P1, k2, p2tog; rep from * around – 20 sts.
Rnd 10 (Dec): *K2tog, skp; rep from * around – 10 sts.
Rnd 11 (Dec): *K2tog; rep from * around – 5 sts.
Cut yarn, leaving a long yarn tail. Thread yarn tail through remaining sts and pull tight to gather. Knot securely.


Weave in ends.


beg = begin(ning)
dec = decreas(e)(s)(ing)
inc = increas(e)(s)(ing)
k = knit
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together
p = purl
p2tog = purl 2 stitches together
rep = repeat(s)(ing)
rnd(s) = round(s)
st(s) = stitch(es)