Classic Shawl

Classic Shawl

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Authentic Knitting Board

Additional Information



  • 28" Knitting Board Kit, spacers set at 1" mid-spacing: includes knit hook and instructional DVD
  • Size 5/F crochet hook
  • 1400 yds DK-weight yarn in wool/blends

DIRECTIONS: Read instructions and refer to DVD prior to working on knitting board.

1. Cast On 66 stitches in Rib stitch pattern. Refer to 28" Knitting Board instructions.

2. Lay anchor yarn across stitches to secure.

3. Work in Rib stitch for 225 rows or until the shawl is desired length.

4. Bind off, using 2-loop method and crochet hook, starting at end opposite the yarn tail. Pick up 2 loops from board, 1 on each side and pull loop closest to hook through the other. Pick up another loop, alternating the boards. Pull yarn tail through the final loop. Bind off at anchor yarn in same manner. Rib stitch is explained in 28" Knitting Board DVD.

5. Add tassels to each corner using same yarn cut into 14" lengths. Use 25 to 30 strands for each tassel. Open a space in knitting carefully at each corner and pull the strands through. Fold the strands over and wrap snuggly with additional strand of yarn and tie. Trim tassels evenly.
Finished size 22"x75" with tassels on all 4 corners.