Cloud 9 Bag

Cloud 9 Bag

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Pellon
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Additional Information



  • 1/3 yd Fabric A - Cloud9 - Vinca blue
  • 1/3 yd Fabric B - Cloud9 - Bed of roses blue
  • 1/3 yd Fabric C - Cloud9 - Vinca gray
  • 1/8 yd Fabric D – Cloud - Birdsong blue
  • 2/3 yd 1/4" elastic
  • 1 yd 1-1/2" canvas strap (Cut into two 18" pieces)
  • 1 yd Pellon® Shape-Flex®
  • 1 yd Pellon® Sew-In Midweight
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Iron & pressing surface


1/2" seam allowance. RST = Right Sides Together WST = Wrong Sides Together
1. Cutting:
Cut two 15"x12" rectangles each from Fabrics A & B for outer and inner panels
Cut two 37"x4" strips from Fabric C for gussets
Cut one 36"x2" strip from Fabric D for trim
Cut two 15"x12" rectangles and two 36" x 4" strips from Shape-Flex®
Cut two 15"x12" rectangles and one 36" x 4" strip from Sew-In Midweight
2. Place 15"x12" Shape-Flex® rectangles against the wrong side of the inner fabric rectangles and fuse following manufacturer’s instructions. Layer both 36"x4" Shape-Flex® strips against the wrong side of one 36"x4" fabric strip and fuse following manufacturer’s instructions to create lining gusset.
3. Baste 15"x12" rectangles of Sew-In Midweight to wrong side of outer fabric rectangles. Baste 36" x 4" strip of Sew-In Midweight to remaining 36"x4" strip of fabric to create outer gusset.
4. With RST, align one long edge of outer gusset with the outer panel sides and bottom. Stitch in a continuous line, pivoting at corners and clipping gusset to stitch line. Repeat this step with the opposite long edge of the outer gusset and the second outer panel. Press seam allowances towards gusset.
5. Repeat Step 4 with inner gusset and panels, pressing seam allowances away from gusset.
6. Pin handles 5" in from each side on the right sides of the inner panels.
7. Place inner and outer bags WST, align top raw edges and pin.
8. Baste entire top edge of bag within seam allowance (1/4" from raw edge) and set aside.
9. Fold one long edge of 36"x2" fabric strip 1/2" towards the wrong side, press to crease and then open.
10. Align and stitch short edges of trim with RST. Press seam open and re-crease the 1/2" fold created in Step 10.
11. Align unfolded raw edge of trim around top edge of bag. The trim should be RST with the outer panels and gusset. Stitch around entire raw edge with a 3/8" seam allowance. Press trim away from body of bag.
12. Fold trim down over inner panels and gusset so that the creased edge just covers stitch line and pin in place.
13. With outer bag facing out, stitch in the ditch to attach trim on inside, leaving a 2" opening.
14. Insert elastic and pull through opening. Overlap 1" and stitch ends together. Stitch opening closed.
15. Fold up bag handles and pin to top bag edge. Topstitch close to top edge.