Coiled Fabric Basket

Coiled Fabric Basket

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information



  • 1 yd ea, 5 coordinating fabrics
  • 2 pkgs Wrights 12/32" cotton filler cord
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine, optional


  1. Cut five 2-1/2" bias strips from each fabric. Stitch 3 strips together along the short ends.
  2. Secure strip to end of cotton filler cord either by wrapping or with several small stitches. Wrap 12" length of cord with the fabric strip.
  3. Start base of the basket by twisting the wrapped cord around itself creating a a small circle. Wrap until circle is 2" in diameter. Insert several pins through the coil to secure.
  4. If machine-stitching, zigzag-stitch from center of coil across cords. Center stitching between coiled cord. Use large sewing machine needle and open toe foot. Set zigzag-stitch to a longer length and wider stitch.
  5. Use a sharp needle and a thimble if hand-stitching. Whip-stitch cording together.
  6. Continue wrapping a 12" length of cord and the wrapped cord until the flat coil is 8" in diameter. Stitch additional strips together as needed. Add each new wrap on the right side of the coil.
  7. To form side of basket place the wrapped cording on top of the 8" center coil. Stitch in place.
  8. Wrap the coil on top of the previous wrap until the side measures 5".
  9. To make the handle, cut three 20" lengths of cotton filler cord. Wrap each cord with a strip of fabric.
  10. Lay the wrapped cords side-by-side; stitch together.
  11. From remaining strips, cut two 4" lengths. Fold 1/2" to the wrong side along each short end. Fold rectangle with folded sides together; stitch along sides. Trim seam allowances; turn. Slip sleeve over ends of the handle. Make 2.
  12. Stitch handle sleeve to handle. Stitch handle to basket.