Cookie Cups and Holiday Ornaments

Cookie Cups and Holiday Ornaments

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Nordic Ware

Additional Information



  • Nordic Ware® Cookie Cups Pan & press set
  • Recipe & supplies noted on packaging
  • Desired filling
  • EZ-Deco frosting pen or other piping tips
  • Frosting or royal icing
  • Candy or desired decorating supplies
  • Thin ribbon or twine (if making ornament-style cookies)


1. Bake cookie cups according to recipe and directions on packaging. Note that it is imperative to use the recipe included on the packaging, as it is a special no-rise dough recipe. Regular sugar cookie dough or premade refrigerated dough will melt too much during baking to hold its shape and is therefore best avoided.
2. After cups have cooled, decide how to decorate them. Possibilities include serving cups filled with candy, frosting, fruit, Easter eggs, or even paper fortunes for an adaptation of fortune cookies.
3. Tuck desired filling inside one half of a cookie cup. Using an EZ Deco Pen or other frosting applicator, pipe a thin layer of frosting around the outer edge of cookie cup. Press a second cup onto the frosting to seal contents inside.
4. Holiday ornament cookies can be made by using royal icing and a 7" long piece of thin ribbon or twine. Loop ribbon or twine so that it creates a continuous loop on itself, and secure loose ends between two cookie cups sandwiched together. Once icing has solidified, use decorating tools to frost or sugar the outside of the cookie ornament. May be hung and eaten within 1 day.