Crafting with Paper Mache Letters

Crafting with Paper Mache Letters

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Crafting with Paper Mache Letters

  • For the marquee letter style, use an X-Actoknife to cut the front off paper mache letters. Paint the inside and out the desired color and add lights or ping-pong balls to look like lights.
  • Cover with decorative paper. If a word use different but coordinating paper on each letter or the same paper on each. Apply Mod Podgeto the letter, then apply paper followed by a protective coat or Mod Podge.
  • Paper to cover letter with might include: dictionary pages, wrapping paper, newspaper, scrapbook paper, old letters, photographs, comics, tissue paper, maps, catalogs, magazines, and more.
  • Cover letter with other finishes, such as paint, moss, corks, ribbon, fabric, lace, glitter, yarn, faux flowers, beads, sequins and more.