Creative Medium

Creative Medium

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Tsukineko
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Instructions for this Technique are for using Creative Medium with IMAGINE Crafts’ Photo Elements and Sheet Metal pieces.

Apply an even coat of Creative Medium to the Sheet Metal with an Inkblusher or Brushstix applicator.

Trim Photo Element to size; place the Photo Element face-up on a flat surface.

Gently lay the Sheet Metal piece (coated side down) on top of the Photo Element image.

Turn project over so the back of the Photo Element is facing up. Use a Mini-Squeegee with mild pressure to eliminate any air bubbles, working from the center outward.

Allow to dry completely, minimum 5 minutes.

Submerge project in warm water; soak for a minimum of 5 minutes. The soaking process is complete when paper has become transparent and the image is visible.

Remove from water. Using gentle pressure, begin to slowly remove the paper backing by rubbing fingertips across the paper. Repeat soaking process if necessary.

Allow project to completely dry before applying a finishing coat of Creative Medium.


Be patient- allow project to dry completely after each step!

Always use a Mini Squeegee to brayer image onto the project surface to produce a smooth and even transfer.

Adding a thin layer of Creative Medium to the back (paper side) of the transfer after brayering can help the transfer process.

Clean, smooth surfaces work best to transfer images onto.


  • Great for collage- dries quickly with great adhesion
  • Readily accepts glitter and other additives when still wet
  • Use as a finishing glaze on almost any project
  • Available in 3 varieties: Original, Shimmer and Vintage
  • TIPS:

    Clean hands and tools with soap and warm water after use.

    Replace lid on jar when not in use to prevent contents from drying.

    When applying multiple layers to create depth and texture, allow each layer to dry completely before applying successive coats.

    Drying time increases when applying multiple, thinner coats versus one thick coat.

    When using your own images for photo transfers, images must be toner-based using a laser printer or color copier. Images printed from inkjet printers may NOT be fully compatible.