Creative Metal Tools & Tips

Creative Metal Tools & Tips

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  • Brown paper grocery bag
  • Scissors
  • Duck brand duct tape, white, yellow, orange


  1. Open your brown paper bag and cut down 1 vertical seam. Cut bottom off bag. Lay bag horizontally.
  2. Use a 4" piece of duct tape to seal edge on 1 of the short sides of rectangle. Trim extra tape. Covering bag completely with duct tape will make it stronger.
  3. Roll bag into one shape, duct tape side out. Roll cone tightly for smaller bag; for larger bag, roll cone loosely.
  4. Secure inner seam of bag with strip of duct tape. Tape down outer seam using colored duct tape -- matching the colors as it is sealed. Trim a little bit off the top of bag to give it conic look.
  5. Close bottom of bag by cutting small slits into end. Fold small edges onto each other & secure with small pieces of tape.
  6. For handle, make double-sided duct tape strip to desired length. To make a double-sided strip cut 2 pieces of duct tape to length. Lay 1 strip, sticky side up, on work surface. Place second strip on top. sticky side down. Attach handle to inside of the bag using strips of duct tape.
  7. Add a few strips of Reflective Tape for safety, then it is off through the neighborhood!