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Creative Quilting Alternatives To Free


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Instructor : Susan Cleveland
Skill Level 2 : Some experience
Use simple techniques, get incredible quilting; no free motion required!

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Additional Information

   Susan Cleveland

Susan Cleveland is an award-winning quilter and instructor. Her quilts have been featured in numerous publications, including Modern Quilts Unlimited and American Quilter, and she teaches workshops around the U.S. Susan is the author of three books: "Marvelous Miters," "Precision & Panache" and "Piping Hot Curves," and is also the inventor of the Groovin’ Piping Trimming Tool and the Prairie Pointer pressing tool.

Materials: What you Need

1 . Sewing machine
2 . 60/8 Microtex needles
3 . 90/14 or 100/16 topstitch needles
4 . Hand needles: Sashiko, chenille, embroidery, betweens and spiral eye 
5 . Starch
6 . Quilting hoop
7 . Quilting threads as specified in the class materials
8 . Painter's tape
9 . Freezer paper 
10 . Clover-Chaco Liner 
11 . Bohin ceramic "lead" for mechanical pencils (white and other colors)

Lesson Plan: What you Learn

Lesson 1 : Getting a Professional Finish

Meet Susan Cleveland, who begins class with all you need to know to get ready for a fabulous finish. Start with pucker-free preparation techniques to get your top ready and move on to simple staystitching that will keep your top from warping while quilting. The lesson ends with steps for properly squaring up your quilt.

Lesson 2 : Quilting in the Ditch

Want a finish that keeps your stitches hidden and your lines straight? It all starts when you quilt in the ditch. Susan shares where to quilt for maximum structure, pointers for the proper machine set up and tips for savvy thread selection. As you quilt, you'll also get her simple tricks for making sure your work is invisible.

Lesson 3 : Simple Designs, Big Thread

Susan covers big thread quilting, so you can achieve a thicker and more contrasting look. Start with her advice for effective thread choices, before you tackle a variety of ways to guide your work without marking your quilt. Finish the lesson with ways to start and stop designs that will keep your big thread well hidden.

Lesson 4 : Big-Stitch Hand Quilting

Bigger isn't always better, but it is when it comes to big-stitch hand quilting! Susan helps you get set up with the right tools for the job. Then, get some practice keeping your stitch length consistent as you practice a new hand stitch. You'll also see two different ways to secure your threads at the beginning and end for seamless finishing.

Lesson 5 : Beyond the Basics

Tackle a variety of simple techniques that lead to eye-catching quilting! Susan runs through decorative stitches, couching, bobbin quilting, twisted thread illusions, adding beads and sequins, morse-code quilting, seed stitch and more.

Lesson 6 : Putting It All Together

Combine techniques to create truly unique quilting! Follow along as Susan breaks down three approaches to mixing and matching, so you can make your own designs. Plus, finish class with a little show-and-tell, as she walks you through her designs choices on a variety of finished projects.