Crystal Christmas Tree Card

Crystal Christmas Tree Card

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  • 5-1⁄8"x6-3⁄4" White note card with envelope
  • 12"x12" Green patterned paper
  • 12"x12" Green cardstock
  • 3-1⁄8"x4-3⁄4" Magenta cardstock
  • Swarovski Austrian crystals
  • Thin silver wire
  • Self-adhesive rhinestones
  • Wire cutters
  • Round-nose pliers
  • Paper trimmer
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Adhesive dots


  1. Cut panel of green patterned paper and glue to front of note card.
  2. Cut tree from green patterned paper. Glue onto green cardstock and trim, leaving margin of green cardstock. Set aside.
  3. Cut and glue 3-1⁄8"x4-3⁄4" magenta and 3-3⁄4"x5-1⁄4" green cardstock panels to front of card.
  4. Using four 7" lengths of wire, string crystals; creating loops in the wire to secure and create "ornaments." Coil ends of top and bottom wires. Tuck ends of the remaining wires behind tree and anchor with adhesive dots.
  5. Anchor each crystal ornament to the front of tree with adhesive dots.
  6. Apply adhesive dots to the edges of the tree. Attach to magenta panel.
  7. For the finishing touch, add small rhinestones around the tree.
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