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Custom Corsets Bones, Casings & Busks


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Instructor : Linda Sparks
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Skill Level 4 : Skill Building
Go beyond the basics: Give your corsets more structure and style!

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Additional Information

   Linda Sparks

Linda Sparks honed her corset-making at a world-class theatre. Now, she's a world-class instructor and the owner of Farthingales Corset Making Supplies, based in Ontario. She shares her 25+ years of experience at major sewing shows across the North American continent and in her book "The Basics of Corset Building."

Materials: What you Need

1 . Sewing machine with a basic foot, zipper foot and blind hem foot
2 . New sewing needles (#14 for corsets)
3 . Scissors
4 . Thread snips
5 . Tin snips
6 . Bone-tipping pliers
7 . Bolt cutters
8 . Stitch ripper
9 . Clear, gridded ruler 
10 . Fine-point pen
11 . Awl
12 . Sewable iron-on adhesive
13 . Coutil fabric
14 . Fashion fabric
15 . Corset bones
16 . Bone casing tape
17 . Busk
18 . Grommets/eyelets
19 . Bias binding

Lesson Plan: What you Learn

Lesson 1 : Invisible Bone Casings

Create the custom touches you want for your corset! Designer Linda Sparks starts class with two methods for sewing invisible bone casings in the middle of a panel, so you can go beyond the seams for more structure. You'll also learn how to sew invisible bone casings at your seams, sewing curves without pins.

Lesson 2 : Designer Bone Casings

Ready for decorative bone casings? Bias tape can be a big help! Start by making a simple casing and move on to a casing with piping cord. Then, tackle a "faux piped" case that has the look of piping without the dimension. You'll even see how to make homemade bias strips that lead to equally eye-catching work.

Lesson 3 : Designer Mid-Panel Bone Casings

Give your bones some beautiful embellishments! Linda shares a variety of techniques for incorporating decorative stitches into your bone casings. Then, finish the lesson by creating curved, cross-panel bone casings.

Lesson 4 : Floating Busk

Not only does a busk help you put the corset on yourself, it's also a great feature to make your corset look even better! Linda teaches you how to construct a "floating busk" that hides the stitching on the front of your corset. Along the way, you'll create a placket to protect your skin from the closures.

Lesson 5 : Invisible Busk

Now direct attention away from the busk. Linda guides you step by step through altering a corset pattern to plan and create an extension that covers your busk entirely.

Lesson 6 : Bones

Get to know your bones as Linda guides you through the various sizes and materials available. Plus, find out how to cut and tip your own bones to make the most of your materials and broaden your options.