Cute as a Hoot Owl & Bib

Cute as a Hoot Owl & Bib

Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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Additional Information

Please view or download PDF for diagrams.

Supplies & Tools:

Cotton fabrics: Fabric A: 1/4 yd for owl Fabric B: 1/3 yd for bib & mask Fabric C: 1/8 yd for owl belly Scraps for hearts, eyes and beak 
1/3 yd fusible adhesive web that can be sewn
Velcro® brand hook-&-loop fastener
8"x12" Warm & Natural® batting
Embroidery thread for applique
1 small bag polyester stuffing
Sewing machine & basic sewing supplies
Fabric marker or chalk
Iron, pressing surface

RS = Right side(s).
1. From Fabric A, cut two of owl pattern & one from bib owl pattern.
2. Cut out two of bib pattern from Fabric B and one bib pattern from Warm & Natural® batting.
3. On the paper side of the fusible web, trace 2 owl masks, 2 owl bellies, 2 beaks, 4 eyes & 10 hearts.
4. Fuse the web on the back of the corresponding fabrics and cut out.
5. Fuse cut pieces on one stuffed owl shape and the bib owl shape. Use fabric marker or chalk to draw wing outline.
6. Use satin stitch for wing outline, belly, mask & beak. Use free-motion straight stitch for eyes & hearts.
7. Owl doll: Place appliqued owl and plain owl face-to-face. Sew together with 1/4" seam allowance; leave small opening for turning. Turn owl inside out, press & stuff. Sew opening closed.
8. Bib: Layer Warm & Natural® batting bib, one bib fabric & appliqued bib owl, aligning bottom of owl with bottom of bib.
9. Sew two ear pieces RS together, following sewing lines. Repeat with remaining ear pieces. Turn & press. Place ears under the top sides of owl head & baste close to edge around entire owl. Satin stitch across top of owl to cover fabric edge & secure ears. 10. Place bib back RS together with finished front and sew all around with 1/4" seam; leave small opening for turning. Turn. Press & sew opening closed. Sew small Velcro® brand hook-&-loop fastener on back of neck.