Dashing Dog Accessories

Dashing Dog Accessories

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Sew with Jo-Ann
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  • 3 yds 1" nylon webbing
  • 3 yds 1" decorative holiday ribbon
  • 1/4 yd holiday print fabric
  • 1 parachute buckle
  • 1 swivel hook for leash
  • 1 D-ring
  • Small jingle bell embellishments
  • Velcro® circles
  • Interfacing
  • Fabric glue
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Iron and ironing surface

1. Cut an 84" length of nylon webbing.
2. Cut an 86" length of holiday ribbon.
3. Sew ribbon to top of nylon webbing, overlapping 1" on each end.
4. For handle, fold down 6". Stitch around end in a box shape, and then with an X inside. Stitch around one more time to secure the handle.
5. On opposite side, slip nylon webbing into swivel hook, fold under webbing 2" and sew as for handle. Secure by stitching a second time around end.

1. Cut a 20" length of nylon webbing.
2. Cut a 22" length of holiday ribbon.
3. Sew ribbon to top of nylon webbing, overlapping 1" on each end.
4. Pull apart parachute buckle. Insert one end of collar into buckle, folding down 2". Sew end with box stitching, then with an X in center.
5. Insert opposite end of collar through D-ring and fold down 3". Sew end with box stitching, then with an X close to D-ring.
6. Place the D-ring 1" from end of strap. Stitch along each side to hold in place.

1. Cut a 15"x4" piece of holiday print fabric for sleeve and two 3" squares for tabs. Note: To make gathered sleeve style, cut the fabric 30"x4" and sew following the same directions.
2. Fold under 1/4" on 4" side. Press. Fold again 1/4". Topstitch.
3. Mark the center on 4" side. Measure 2½" in from fabric edge, center and iron on a 2"x1" piece of interfacing.
4. Stitch a 1¼" buttonhole centered over mark for the collar's D-ring to be pulled through.
5. For the tabs, fold under 1/4" on top and bottom. Press.
6. Fold 1/2" to inside on sides and press. Fold in half again. The piece should measure 1"x2½". Topstitch close to edge all around tab.
7. Stitch or glue soft side of Velcro® circle to one end of each tab.
8. Place sleeve with wrong side facing up. Mark center of 4" side. Center end of tab over mark, placing end at edge of 1/4" seam. Velcro® end will be facing up, hanging above top of cover. Stitch in place. Repeat for the second tab.
9. With right sides together, stitch 3/8" seam on cover.
10. Turn inside out.
11. Sew on embellishments.
12. Slip sleeve over dog collar at the smaller pronged end. Pull D-ring through buttonhole. Insert tabs through ends of buckle.
13. Fold tab to back and mark for other side of Velcro® circle.
14. Glue Velcro® in place. Allow glue to dry before use.

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