Dazzling Blue Ruffle Scarf

Dazzling Blue Ruffle Scarf

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  • 3 yds (blue chiffon)
  • Black elastic thread
  • Thread, 3 spools to match fabric
  • Serger set up for rolled hem
  • Fabric weights or painters tape
  • Chalk roller
  • Cutting mat, 33"x58"
  • Rotary cutter & ruler
  • Sewing machine
  • Basic sewing supplies


1. Lay fabric on cutting mat. To minimize shift while cutting, tape edges and/or use fabric weights. Trim off selvage.
2. Measure 15" wide and cut all 9’.
3. Measure in 5" from each edge and mark all the way down with sewing chalk or baste all the way down both lines. (TIP: Leave thread on the spool to eliminate rethreading.)
4. Roll hem stitch and serge all the way around the scarf.
5. Using sewing machine, straight stitch center lines with elastic thread in the bobbin and with blue thread in top stitch.

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