Decorating Bags Tips

Decorating Bags Tips

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Wilton Industries
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The tip determines the shape of the decoration. There are 6 basic tip families, each of which is available in various sizes.

  • STAR: Star tips make decorative stars to fill in character cakes and for borders of stars, shells and zigzags.
  • ROUND: Use smaller round tips for vines, stems, dots, lettering, outlines, beads & figure piping.
  • PETAL: Creates beautiful flowers like ribbon roses and the famous Wilton Rose. Ruffles are also achieved with petal tips like tip 104.
  • DROP FLOWER: To make the standard star drop flower, hold the bag up straight & squeeze, or, twist your wrist to make a swirl drop flower.
  • LEAF: Each style can make a basic leaf, ruffled leaf or stand-up leaf depending on the techniques used while squeezing the bag.
  • SPECIALTY: Use the elongated round tip 230 to fill eclairs, bismarcks & cupcakes. The multi-opening tip 233 creates clusters of strings for flowers & grass.


Strong, reusable bags made of flexible coated polyester. Lightweight, dishwasher safe. Sizes from 8" to 18".

  • Specially coated to prevent any seepage of grease, Featherweight Bags are the most durable choice.
  • Use Couplers to change decorating tips easily on the same icing bag. The 2 parts of the Coupler are the base and the ring. They fit together to hold the decorating tip in place.
  • Featherweight Bags can be used with or without a Coupler. To use without a Coupler, drop the tip inside the bag with the narrow end pointing down.
  • Remove Coupler; wash in dishwasher or in hot, sudsy water after each use.