DIY Upcycle Leg Warmers

DIY Upcycle Leg Warmers

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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•    Old sweaters to upcycle
•    Embellishments: lace, buttons, trim, decorative elastic, etc.
•    Elastic 
•    Sewing machine
•    Iron and pressing surface
•    Basic sewing supplies


Yellow Leg Warmer:
1.    Cut sleeves off sweater; from armpit straight across sleeve.
2.    Pin brown elastic trim to top; right side together.
3.    Stitch; press elastic up.
4.    Top stitch.
5.    Open seam at the bottom; width of trim plus 2”.
6.    Fold either side of open seam and stitch.
7.    Cut trim to width of warmer plus 2”.
8.    Pin trim to bottom; matching bottom of trim and hem; wrap 1/4” of trim around one edge, leaving 1-1/4” overhang on the other side.
9.    Turn overhang under 1/4”; pin.
10.    Top stitch top, bottom and up sides to secure.
11.    Make button hole 1/2” from edge of overhang; match size to button chosen.
12.     Stitch button.

Cream Leg Warmer:
1.    Cut sleeves off sweater; from armpit straight across the sleeve.
2.    Create casing for elastic.
3.    Press & pin top over 1”, top stitch 3/4” from top; leaving 1/2" section open.
4.    Measure leg, subtract 1/2” cut elastic to this length.
5.    Thread elastic through casing.
6.    Overlap elastic ends and zigzag together.
7.    Stitch opening closed.
8.    Sew decorative button on with thread.
9.    Cover thread with decorative leather thread and tie off.

Blue/Cream Leg Warmer:
1.    Cut sleeves off sweater; from armpit straight across.
2.    Stitch elastic to lace if lace chosen is not elastic.
3.    Pin lace to top off warmer, right sides together .
4.    Stitch.
5.    Press seam toward bottom.
6.    Fold & pin hem under 1/2”.
7.    Top stitch hem; 1/4” from bottom; stretching slightly while stitching.

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