Dog Backpack

Dog Backpack

Crafting Time:
  • Over 5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Babyville Boutique
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Fits 55 to 80 lb. dog


  • 3/4 yd Babyville Boutique® Camo PUL fabric
  • Dritz® products:
  • 2 parachute buckles
  • 2 center release buckles
  • 1" nylon strapping, 2 packages
  • Ezy-Hem® Gauge
  • 1/2 yd green fleece
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine & matching thread
  • Iron & pressing surface
  • Small bowl to draw rounded corners
  • Masking tape


Seam allowance = 1/4". RST = right sides together. WST = wrong sides together. Finish all edges of strapping with a zigzag stitch.


Label pieces with masking tape as they are cut.
Camo PUL: 12-1/2"x24-1/2" – Cut 1 base top
16-1/2"x7" – Cut 2 pocket tops
11-1/2"x8-3/4" – Cut 2 pocket backings
11-1/2"x4-1/2" – Cut 4 pocket flaps
2"x5-1/2" – Cut 1 handle pad
Fleece: 12-1/2"x24-1/2" – Cut 1 base bottom
2"x5-1/2" – Cut 1 handle pad

1. Use small bowl to draw rounded corners on PUL and fleece base pieces. Cut rounded corners. Pin pieces RST. Stitch around all edges, leaving a 4" opening near center for turning. Clip corners and turn to right side. Press edges and topstitch with scant 1/4".
2. Handle: Turn short ends of both fleece and PUL handle pad pieces 1/4" to wrong side and topstitch. Pin RST and stitch long edges. Turn to right side. Cut 8ʺ length of strapping for handle. Slide pad onto strapping and center. Pin and stitch down center of pad. Pin at center of base with ends 2-1/4" from long edges. Stitch ends with square stitching.
3. Body Straps: Cut two 3ʺ lengths of strapping. Insert in female side of parachute buckles. Bring cut edges together forming a loop and stitch close to buckles. On PUL side of base, center 1 buckle on a short end, 3-1/2" in from edge. The buckle will lie completely on the base. Position 2nd buckle on long edge up 4-1/2" from short edge and 3-1/2" in from long edge. Stitch both with square stitching at end to secure.
4. For girth strap, center 16ʺ length of strapping up 2" from short edge, at other end of base. For chest strap, on same long edge as buckle, position 24" length of strapping up 4-1/2" from short edge and in 2" from long edge. Stitch along edges of strapping to secure to base. Slide male ends of buckles onto strapping lengths, following package instructions.
5. Side Pocket: Fold pocket top in half widthwise with WST. Baste stitch down center of pocket 2-1/2" from fold. On right side, open stitched fold, press lightly to form a center pleat. Do not over press. Baste open ends of pleat to top and bottom of pocket. Remove first basting stitches down length of pleat. On top long edge, turn edge under 1/4" and topstitch.
6. Cut 6ʺ of strapping. Center one end on pleat, up 1" from edge; pin. Pull pleat open and carefully stitch strapping to just top pleat with square stitching. Make sure folds of pleat are not caught in stitching. Insert belting in male side of center release buckle, following package instructions.
7. On long side of pocket backing, 3/4" from each short edge, cut a 2ʺ slit. Fold 3/4ʺ slit edge pieces down 2ʺ and press on right side to fuse. Fold center cut piece down 1-1/2" using hem gauge. Press on right side to fuse.
8. Pin pocket front and backing RST, aligning edges and bottom. Stitch edges and bottom. At bottom corners, bring side and bottom seams together. Stitch across corners 1/2" from point to form box corners. Turn to right side.
9. Round corners on 1 long edge of pocket flaps. Pin RST and stitch short edges and rounded long edge. Clip corners and turn to right side. Press edges and topstitch with scant 1/4". Baste raw edges together.
10. Cut 3ʺ length of strapping. Insert in female side of center release buckle. Bring cut edges together and stitch across close to buckle. On pocket flap top, center buckle on long topstitched edge, 1-3/4" up from edge. Buckle will hang off edge of flap. Stitch with square stitching to secure.
11. On one end of base, position pocket backing top edge 6-1/2" from short end and centered on base. Stitch along top edge of backing and again down 1/2" from edge.
12. Position pocket flap raw edge 1/4" up from top of pocket backing, centering on base. Stitch flap to base. Fold flap down and topstitch with scant 1/4". Repeat steps 5-12 for second pocket on opposite end of base.
13. Place base on dog and secure bottom and chest strap. Adjust buckles as needed.

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