Double Strand Hematite Crystal Bracelet and Earrings

Double Strand Hematite Crystal Bracelet and Earrings

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Darice
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Additional Information



  • 7" strand glass 4"x6" hematite spacer beads
  • 21.8mm twist wire cable sterling silver-plated chain
  • 18mm metal toggle silver rope
  • 36 pc 7mm jump ring, bright silver
  • 24 pc 1½" eyepins, bright silver
  • 1 gram 1.3mm crimp Tubes, silver
  • 12 pc nickel-free 1" fish hook, silver
  • Nylon coated beading wire
  • Crimp tool pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Wire cutters
  • Tape


1. Cut 2 pieces of beading wire, approximately 10" long each.
2. String approximately 6" of hematite rondelle crystal beads on each strand.
3. Crimp one end of one strand to the bar end of the toggle clasp. Do this by sliding a crimp bead onto the wire after the last crystal bead, slide the toggle end on, and then feed the wire back into the crimp bead (forming a loop with the wire around the toggle bar). Feed the wire into the first few beads as well.
4. Repeat for other crystal bead strand, attaching to the same bar end of the toggle, in the same way. Tape off or clamp the opposite end of both strands so the beads do not slide off.
5. Make 3 bead links using eyepins. Slide 3 crystal rondelle beads onto 3 eyepins each. Make a loop on the opposite end, using the round nose pliers. Cut off the excess eyepin using the wire cutters.
6. Take 2 of the bead links and crimp the opposite ends of each crystal bead strand from Steps 3 and 4 using the same techniques as well, only using the loop on the eyepin to crimp to, instead of the toggle clasp.
7. Next, pull all strands tight and crimp all 4 crimp beads using the crimp tool. Cut off any excess beading wire using wire cutters.
8. Connect the strands to the circle end of the toggle clasp by opening the loop created on the eyepins slightly to slide them into the loop on the toggle. Close the loops securely using the round nose pliers.
9. Attach the 3rd bead link eyepin to the same loop where the 2 links were attached in Step 8. Add a chain tassel to this next.
10. Cut approximately 8 lengths of cable link chain, each 1" long. Slide one end of each chain piece onto a 7mm jump ring. Attach the jump ring, with the chain pieces on it, to the open end of the 3rd bead link eyepin on the toggle clasp.
1. Make 2 bead link eyepin pieces. Slide 3 crystal rondelle beads onto each eyepin and create a loop on the opposite end using the round nose pliers. Cut the excess eyepin with the wire cutters.
2. Cut approximately 16 lengths of chain (ranging from 1½" to 2" in length), 8 for each earring.
3. Using 8, slide one end of each piece of chain onto a 7mm jump ring. Close the jump ring securely. Repeat for other 8 pieces of chain. Now 2 chain tassel pieces have been created.
4. Connect jump ring with chain pieces already attached to one of the loops on the beaded eyepin link created in Step 1.
5. Connect the remaining open end of each tassel/bead piece to the loop on the fish hook finding. Be sure to open and close the loops, keeping the round shape intact, so to not distort the shape of the loop. Close securely.