Drops of Color Umbrella

Drops of Color Umbrella

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  • Tulip® Soft® Fabric Paint Pack, Primary
  • Tulip® Sponge Pouncers, 7-pack
  • Black umbrella
  • Paper or foam plate for paint palette


1. Squeeze out soft paints, one color at a time, onto palette.
2. Dip sponge pouncer into paint, tap off excess paint until paint is evenly spread out on the pouncer.
3. With umbrella open, apply first color dot to the top of the umbrella. Reapply color if necessary.
4. Apply second dot next to the first. Continue applying dots to create a circle around the top of the umbrella.
5. Apply a second circular row underneath the first still using the first color. For this row, apply under the gaps of the first row creating gaps between each dot.
6. Apply the second color to the umbrella filling in the gaps from the second row.
7. Add a third row of dots repeating second color creating a complete circle.
8. Continue to repeat the application process in steps 4-7 alternating colors until each color is used once.

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