Duct  Tape  Purse

Duct Tape Purse

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  • Duck Tape duct tape: 1 roll each: pink, white
  • 1 empty cereal box
  • Scissors or craft knife


  1. Cut the cereal box in half. Keep the other half for Step 3.
  2. Cover outside of box with Duck Tape. Overlap tape strips for complete coverage and added strength.
  3. Using the other half of the cereal box, cut the around the lid of the box to create the top of purse.
  4. Cover lid with Duck Tape.
  5. Refer to PDF/photo. Adhere the lid to the base of the tote with more Duck Tape.
  6. Make a folded strip for the strap.
  7. Use two 2" pieces of tape to connect ends of the strap to the inside of the purse.
  8. Cut out Duck Tape shapes to embellish the outside of purse with initials or favorite image.
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