Duct Tape Jar

Duct Tape Jar

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • Pint size Ball jar
  • Duck Tape® – zebra white, zebra pink, white, green
  • Scissors
  • Rule


1. Wash and dry jar.
2. Cut three 12" pieces of pink zebra Duck Tape®. Fold one long edge of each piece in 1/3 of the tape width. Fold the other long edge of each in to cover first fold. Tape strip will be 1/3 the original width with the sticky side in. Tape the ends together and to a table for stability. Braid the strips together the full length and tape the end to secure.
3. Cut a 14" length of white zebra tape. Tear the piece in half lengthwise. Place one tape around the top just below the lip of the jar and the other one around the bottom of the jar.
4. Put a piece of tape around the braid about 8" from end and cut the remaining off. With the 8" braid going up above the jar edge tape one end down with a 14" piece of tape wrapped around jar. Wrap the jar with additional pieces of tape to cover. Fold the braided piece down and catch in a wrap around the bottom of the jar.
1. Cut five 2" pieces of white tape for flower petals and three 2" green pieces of tape for leaves.
Using one petal piece, fold down one corner diagonally to the opposite corner, leaving a 1/4" section of the sticky side showing on the side and bottom, forming an "L" shape.
2. Fold down top of the "L" so that the folded edges form the shape of the roof of a house. Use the adhesive from the side edge to stick it down, leaving the bottom edge of adhesive showing. One petal is completed. Repeat with the remaining 7 petal and leaf pieces.
3. To form the flower, tightly roll one petal with the adhesive side in. This will be the center of the flower and the rest of the petals will build from the center.
4. Add the next petal, aligning it so the second petal point is not lined up with the center petal point. Wrap the adhesive bottom around the base of the first petal.
5. Continue adding all petals around the base petal to build a flower shape. Stagger the points for a realistic flower look. If the flower begins to develop a cone shape, push down and flatten the flower as petals are added. Finish by adding the three green leaves. Tape flower to jar.