Eagle Pride Scrapbook Page

Eagle Pride Scrapbook Page

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Craftwell
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Additional Information


Supplies and Tools-
•    eBrush Machine
•    Light Blue and Medium Blue Markers
•    Various patterned papers and cardstock
•    Electronic Die Cutting Machine
•    Embellishments
•    Scissors
•    Adhesive
•    Computer & Printer for Journaling
•    Photos
•    Protected Work Surface


1.    Use a sheet of 12 x 12 notebook patterned paper for the background.
2.    Cut a 10” x 8” block of dark blue cardstock. Mat with light blue cardstock. Adhere block to the bottom of the page approximately 1” from the left, right and bottom edges of the background.
3.    Cut a 10” x 4” strip of tan polka dot patterned paper. Adhere to dark blue cardstock block approximately 1” up from the bottom edge.
4.    Add two horizontal photos and one vertical photo to the block.
5.    Type and print journaling onto white or cream cardstock. Cut into a strip and notch the right side using scissors. Adhere to the page below the vertical photo.
6.    Embellish the photo block as desired.
7.    Use an electronic die cutting machine to cut the title words twice; once from white cardstock and a second time from dark blue cardstock. Set the dark blue layer aside.
8.    Temporarily adhere the white title words to your protected work surface.
9.    Use the eBrush machine to spray the center of each word with a light blue marker, allowing the edges of the color to softly fade out towards the left and right sides of each word.
10.    Use the eBrush machine to spray the left and right sides of each word with a medium blue marker, allowing the color to softly blend into the lighter blue center area.
11.    Adhere the title words to the dark blue die cut title words. Adhere them slightly offset from one another to create a shadow effect. Adhere title words to your page above the photo block, leaving space in between the words for the eagle.
12.    Use the electronic die cutting machine to cut the pieces for the eagle. Layer and adhere the eagle together. Adhere the eagle in between the title words.