Easy Swing Dress

Easy Swing Dress

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Jessica Abbott
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Additional Information



  • 2 yds. knit fabric
  • *Optional – 1/2 yd. coordinating knit fabric
  • *Optional – 6" of 2" thick elastic
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Coordinating thread
  • Ruler
  • Ball point needles
  • Basic sewing essentials
  • Sewing machine


  1. Lay tank top flat on the knit fabric, making sure the stretch of the knit fabric is going from left to right. Cut around the tank top, (1) Front and (1) Back. Stop at the natural waist. Make sure to add seam allowance for the shoulder seams, sides, and bottom hem.
  2. Optional step for contrasting side panels: Using a curved ruler, cut off the side panels of the Front and Back bodice.
  3. Use the cut off side panels as pattern pieces, and place them on top of your coordinating knit fabric (making sure it is also stretching from left to right). Add seam allowance and cut around. Cut (4). Sew the new pattern pieces to the bodice.?Place the Front and Back bodice right sides together, pin and sew the shoulder and side seams.
  4. Measure the bottom of the bodice. Multiply that number by 2 to get a full waist measurement circumference.
  5. To get a circle skirt pattern, add 2" to the circumference measurement (i.e. 29" + 2" = 31"). Divide that number by 6.28. (i.e. 31" / 6.28 = 4.94") = Finished measurement.
  6. Fold the skirt fabric in half lengthwise, and again in half widthwise. There is now a 90 degree corner folded angle to work with. From the corner angle, measure out the finished measurement (i.e. 4.94) all around in a quarter circle, and cut. This will be the waist. From the waist, measure out how long the skirt will be (i.e. 19”), and cut another quarter circle all around using this measurement.
  7. Unfold the skirt so that it is simply in half, with the waist in the center, and a circle hem all around. If it is fully unfolded it will look like a large donut.
  8. The waist should be ever so slightly larger than the bottom of your bodice.
  9. Slip the bodice over the top of the skirt, matching up the raw edges, right sides together. Pin the sides, and the front and back.
  10. Sew using a stretch stitch, zig zag stitch or serger, slightly stretching the bodice to match the skirt waist while sewing.
  11. Finish the neckline and the armsyce with bias tape. Hem the bottom of the skirt. If desired, sew a contrasting fabric belt. Simply cut a piece of contrasting knit fabric - waist measurement MINUS 8"W x 5"L. Fold fabric in half right sides together and sew along the long outer edge. Turn fabric right side out and fold in the raw tube side edges 1/2" and press. Slip elastic into each open side edge, pin and sew.
  12. Slip belt over dress.