Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

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Embroidery Hoop Wall Pockets

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: East Coast Creative
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Additional Information



?Embroidery hoops (varying sizes)



?No-sew fabric glue

?Sewing machine

?Basic sewing supplies

?Embroidery floss (for embellishment and optional details)


?Steel furniture nails (for the plant pocket)


?Materials to fill your hoops with (craft supplies, baby necessities, office supplies, etc)

?Fabric embellishments and trims (optional)



  1. Lay out fabric combinations as desired.
  2.  Separate the inner and outer rings of the embroidery hoop by loosening the screw at the top, then place a piece of the backing fabric under the inner hoop. The fabric piece should be a bit larger than the hoop. 
  3. Trim the fabric, leaving about an inch around the entire hoop – then tuck and trim the excess on the backside.
  4. To make the storage pockets, take a coordinating piece of fabric or two fold in half & press with an iron. The crease line will create the top of the pocket.
  5. Apply no sew glue around the back, outside and bottom edges of the pocket, make sure you don’t glue the top! Press the pocket onto the backing fabric about halfway down. Note: You could also sew the pocket into place if you have a sewing machine. 
  6. Put the outer hoop over the top. Be sure to pull the fabrics nice and taut and tighten the screw to secure.
  7. Pick a wall spot within reach for your pocket - somewhere where you can easily access whatever you’re storing and where you can show it off because it looks awesome!
  8. This project is easily customizable with a few extra materials! For a mail pocket, sketch out a phrase ‘Mail,’ take some embroidery floss and a needle and stitch that onto your pocket. For a plant pocket, you’ll want some leather or sturdy material for your pocket and some brass furniture tacks to secure the pocket to the hoop.