Encircled Earrings

Encircled Earrings

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Vintaj
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Additional Information



  • Vintaj®:
    Arte Metal 25mm circle blanks (2)
    Natural Brass 12mm circle tag altered blanks (2)
    Natural Brass 6mm blossom bead caps (6)
    Natural Brass 4.5mm flat ornate chain (4 links)
    Arte Metal 20x10mm french ear wires (2)
    Natural Brass 4.75mm jump rings (6)
    Natural Brass 2" head pins (6)
  • Blue Moon Beads® bead shell mother-of-pearl disk, red (6)
  • Steel bench block
  • Rubber dampening block
  • 4oz ball peen hammer
  • Metal reliefing block
  • 1.5mm hole punch plier
  • Round nose plier
  • Chain nose pliers (2)
  • Flush cutters


1. Place steel bench block on rubber dampening block. Place arte metal circle blank on steel bench block. Use the round end of ball peen hammer to create dimples and texture around the edges of the metal. Add dimples to the surface of natural brass circle tag altered blank.
2. Use the white side of metal reliefing block to highlight the raised areas of textured blanks for added dimension and a rustic look.
3. Use 1.5mm hole punch plier to add a hole to the bottom of arte metal blank, opposite pre-drilled hole. Punch a hole equally approximately ¼" on each side of previous hole made.
4. String blossom bead cap and disk bead onto head pin. Use fingers to form bead cap to shape of bead. Use round nose plier to form a wrapped loop with remaining wire.
5. Trim excess wire with flush cutter. Straighten loop and tuck in wire with chain nose plier.
6. Use chain nose pliers to separate unsoldered chain into two 2 link sections using the same motion as opening and closing a jump ring.
7. Attach a 2 link section of chain from bottom center hole. Attach a bead drop with jump ring to the bottom of chain section.
8. Attach a bead drop with jump ring to each hole beside center bead.
9. Open loop of ear wire with chain nose plier. Attach ear wire to circle tag and layering circle blank with bead drops behind the tag.
10. Repeat steps to complete earring pair.