Enjoy Card

Enjoy Card

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Craftwell
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Additional Information


Supplies and Tools-
•    eBrush Machine
•    Markers (tan, yellow, orange, pink, purple)
•    Cardstock (pink, white, black glitter)
•    Striped patterned paper
•    Electronic Die Cutting Machine
•    Sewing machine and thread
•    Circle punch
•    Scrap cardstock
•    Adhesive
•    Low tack tape


1.    Cut a 10” x 7” piece of pink cardstock. Fold in half for card base and set aside.
2.    Cut a 4” x 6” piece of white cardstock. This will be the background of your card.
3.    Cut a scrap piece of cardstock into a long strip with a slightly wavy edge on one side. Use the low tack tape to temporarily adhere the wavy piece to the top 2/3’s of the white cardstock.
4.    Use the eBrush machine to spray the bottom of the card with a tan marker.
5.    Remove the wavy piece, flip it around and cover the portion of the card you just sprayed.
6.    Use the eBrush machine to spray the top left corner of the card with a yellow marker. Concentrate the color in the area where your sun will be and then softly fade it out towards the center of the card.
7.    Use the circle punch to punch a circle from scrap cardstock. Temporarily adhere the circle in the top left corner where you would like your sun to be. We will use the punched circle as a mask.
8.    Use the eBrush machine to spray around the punched circle with orange, pink, and then purple markers, allowing the colors to softly blend into one another, creating a sunset effect.
9.    Remove the punched circle and wavy strip.
10.    Stitch around the edge of the white cardstock with your sewing machine.
11.    Add a 6” x ½” strip of striped patterned paper to the bottom of the white cardstock. Zig zag stitch along the seam of the striped paper.
12.    Mat the white cardstock to a 6.5” x 4.5” piece of black glitter cardstock. Adhere to pink card.
13.    Use an electronic die cutting machine to cut the white banner piece, and the palm trees, hammock, drink, and sentiment from black glitter cardstock. Adhere elements to card.
14.    Embellish with metal flower stickers.