Fabric Covered Pumps

Fabric Covered Pumps

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Merrick White
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Additional Information



  • Plain women‘s shoes
  • Fabric scraps (fabric with some stretch, even if only on the bias, is best)
  • Black cord
  • Mod Podge&® Gloss
  • Aleene‘s&® Fabric Fusion Glue
  • Sponge brush
  • Razor blade or sharp scissors


1. Cap toe: Cut a half circle of fabric large enough to cover the entire toe (add an extra inch just to be safe – the extra can be cut off at the end). Paint the toe of the shoe with the Mod Podge&® and then smooth the piece of fabric over the toe, making the straight edge of the half circle lay across the top of toe. Paint over the fabric with the Mod Podge&®, smoothing it down to the sole, stretching as necessary to avoid any tucks or bubbles.
2. Middle of the shoe: Cut a rectangle of fabric about 10“x12“, and then make a 10“ cut down the middle of the rectangle (keeping 2“ intact). Paint the remaining part of the toe with Mod Podge&®, and then smooth the intact 2“ of fabric over the remaining part of the toe, lining it up with the cap toe fabric. Paint another layer of Mod Podge&® over the toe to secure this fabric in place.
3. Pull the two split sections of fabric over to each side of the shoe, using the same steps to attach them to the shoe. Cut the fabric to the shape of the shoe opening as while securing the fabric in place. There will also be extra fabric hanging past the soles, so trim while working, if desired, or cut all of it off at the end.
4. Back of the shoe: Cut a 4“x8“ rectangle of fabric to wrap around the back of the shoe. Secure it in place with Mod Podge, trimming around the opening of the shoe, matching up the edges to the middle fabric, and trimming at the seam where the shoe meets the heel.
5. Heel: Depending on the width of the heel, cut a rectangle large enough to cover it, and secure it in place with Mod Podge&®, trimming the edges to fit nicely at the seam.
6. Once the shoe is completely covered with fabric, and the Mod Podge&® is totally dry, use a razor blade or sharp scissors to trim around the entire sole and shoe opening. Re-Mod Podge&® the edges if necessary.
7. Cut the cord to the desired length and attach with Fabric Fusion glue on the toe, around the shoe opening, and along the sides. Allow to dry. Once it‘s completely dry, Mod Podge&® over the entire shoe one last time, securing the fabric and cording in place.