Fabric Flower Bouquet

Fabric Flower Bouquet

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jesse James Jewelry
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Additional Information



•             2 Jesse James Beads “Petite Strands” (color of choosing)

•             1 Jesse James Beads “Design Elements”

•             4 different color fabric quarters

•             4” foam ball

•             1-3 3/8” x 6” dowels

•             Felt

•             Ribbon

•             X-ACTO knife

•             Sewing pins

•             Floral wire

•             Silver crimps

•             Hot glue gun

•             Wire cutters

•             Pliers



1. Glue and roll felt around dowel(s), then wrap ribbon around felt, making sure to fully cover the dowel(s).

2.  Use X-ACTO knife to make hole in foam ball for dowel(s).  Place the dowel in hole of foam ball and glue.

3. Cut 40-50 strips of fabric (all different colors).  For all flowers the same size cut them 3”x 18”.  For a smaller size cut them 1 1/2”x 10”

4. Once all fabric is cut, begin fabric flowers making!

Fold fabric in half long ways, so it should be 1 1/2”x 18”. Make sure to keep the open end facing crafter.   Bend top left corner down half an inch, it will make a small triangle.  Take the lower left corner and fold left to right so that the top end lines up with your triangle.  Both folded pieces of fabric should now form a line. 


Pinch lower end of material with thumb and pointer finger.  Pick it up so that thumb is in front and pointer finger is behind fabric.  Take top of folded strip and fold back away from you, half an inch. Start rolling material but hold tightly.  Roll inward and go around one full rotation.  Glue on lower half of fabric strip after one rotation. Glue periodically. 

Using other hand continue tightly folding, twisting and wrapping around material.  Twisting material back and or front to create coil look. Raw edge of the material will be visible.


At the end of fabric strip, place sewing pin threw body of flower.  Now cut off the funnel excess (the stem) and glue to keep flower together.  Make sure end is glued well, once dried, remove pin.  Repeat on all other strips of fabric.

5. To make bead strands, cut 20-30, 7” length wire.  Take wire and thread crimp and squeeze closed with pliers to flatten.  Now thread on beads of your choosing for 2-3 inches, crimp again so that you should have a crimp when beads stop and start.  Repeat making bead strands to desired amount.

6. Start gluing flowers to foam ball and poking wire beads in between flowers while gluing on the flowers.