Fabric Wreath

Fabric Wreath

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  • 1 Solid Jellies
  • 1 wire wreath form, 12"
  • Scissors or rotary cutter
  • Acrylic ruler
  • Mat
  • Iron & pressing surface


Read all instructions before beginning project. Do not prewash fabrics. Before cutting, press fabrics with a dry iron on cotton setting.

1. Cut the twenty 2-1/2" x 44" pieces into 7-1/3" strips for a total of 120 strips.
2. For each strip, fold in half and wrap around your index finger. Push the folded part up underneath one side of the bar you plan to wrap it around. Push the two tails of fabric over the bar and underneath the loop and pull it tight. 20 pieces were used in each section of the sample wreath.
3. Embellish finished wreath with ribbon, bows, flowers, etc. and hang from your door!

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