Faceted Acrylic Cascade Necklace

Faceted Acrylic Cascade Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Darice
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Additional Information



  • Salmon mixed-size faceted round acrylic beads: salmon, white, blue, black
  • Nickel toggle clasp
  • Bright silver 4mm jump rings
  • Silver crimp beads 2.5mm
  • Monofilament or beading wire
  • Mighty crimp tool
  • Long/flat nose pliers
  • Wire cutters/scissors
  • Ruler


1. Attach a jump ring to each clasp.
2. Cut 3 -30" lengths of wire. Slide all 3 lengths through a crimp bead, through the jump ring attached to one side of the clasp, and back through the crimp bead- creating a 1/8" loop and short tail with all 3 lengths. Crimp the crimp bead with the crimp tool, and trim the excess wire.
3. Slide 5 small faceted white beads on all 3 cords, 5 medium white beads, and 5 large.
4. Top strand: separate the 3 wires. Slide 3 small blue beads onto one of the cords, followed by 3 medium blue beads, 6 large, 3 medium and 3 small. Lay strand on work surface. To prevent beads from falling off the wire, crimp a crimp bead to the very end of wire. This can then be cut off when proceeding to step 7.
5. Middle strand: on another wire, string 4 small salmon beads, 4 medium salmon beads, 8 large, 4 medium, and 4 small. Lay strand on work surface.
6. Bottom strand: on the last wire, string 5 small black beads, 5 medium black beads, 10 large, 5 medium and 5 small.
7. Gather all 3 wires, and string 5 large white faceted beads, 5 medium and 5 small.
8. Slide a crimp bead on all 3 wires, slide all wires through the jump ring attached to the other clasp, and slide back through the crimp bead creating a 1/8" loop. Crimp the crimp bead, and trim excess wire.