Fanciful Flannel Quilt

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Fanciful Flannel Quilt

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Fabric Editions
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Finished Size: 31” x 35-1/2"


  • 1 Land of WhimzieBaby Garden flannel Charms
  • Land of WhimzieBaby Garden flannel fabrics: 1 yd Grey Paisley, 1 yd Coral Ditzy Flowers
  • Low-loft batting: 35” x 42”
  • Rotary cutter & mat
  • Acrylic ruler
  • Scissors
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron & pressing surface
Read all instructions before beginning project. Do not pre-wash fabrics. Use a 1/4” seam allowance and sew with right sides together (RST) unless otherwise noted. Before cutting, press fabrics with a dry iron on cotton setting. Press seams in the direction of the arrows.
  1. Cut the following pieces from the yardage:
    Grey Paisley:
    2 – 8” x 42” (backing)
    2 – 4-1/2” x 31” (border)
    2 – 4-1/2” x 27-1/2” (border)
    Coral Ditzy Flowers:
    1 – 20” x 42” (backing)
    4– 2-1/2” x 42” (binding)
    2 – 1” x 27-1/2” (flange)
    2 – 1” x 23” (flange)
  2. For center patchwork, lay out the Charm squares (5” x 5”) in six rows as shown.
  3. Dia. A
  4. Place the first two squares RST; pin and sew. Add the remaining three squares one at a time to complete Row 1. Press all seam allowances in the direction of the arrow. Completed row should measure 5” x 23”. Tip: Add a few extra pins to help with any stretching of the flannel squares.
  5. Dia. B
  6. Sew Rows 2-6 in the same manner, pressing seam allowance in the direction of the arrows.
  7. Dia. C
  8. Place Rows 1 and 2 RST matching seam intersections and pin well. Sew the two rows together, remove pins and press seam allowance in the direction of the arrow. Repeat for remaining rows. Completed center section should measure 23”x27-1/2”.
  9. Dia. D
  10. To make the flange, press the four Coral Ditzy Flowers strips (1” x 23”, 1” x 27-1/2”) in half lengthwise. Pin a strip (27-1/2”) to each side of the center patchwork, raw edges aligned, and sew with a scant 1/4” seam. Repeat to sew the two remaining strips (23”) to the top and bottom. Press well.
  11. Dia. E
  12. To add the outer borders, pin and sew the border strips (4-1/2” x 27-1/2”) to each side. Press seam allowance in the direction of the arrows. Repeat to sew the two remaining border strips (4-1/2”x31”) to the top and bottom. Press seam allowance in the direction of the arrows. Completed quilt top should measure 31” x 35-1/2”.
  13. Dia. F
  14. To make backing, sew Grey Paisley strips (8” x 42”) to each side of Coral Ditzy Flowers strip (20” x 42”). Press seams open. Completed backing should measure 35” x 42”. Place the backing wrong side up, center and layer the batting and top with right side up. Starting at the center, baste the layers together with thread, pins or basting spray.
  15. Dia. G
  16. To free-motion quilt the center, move diagonally through the center of the squares with loose swirls like a butterfly flight path. A second option for straight stitch quilting is to sew gentle waves across the diagonals of the squares. Tip: Sewing with an even-feed foot is helpful when quilting through thicknesses. Free-motion quilt in the border area, or quilt straight lines if you prefer. Use the butterfly pattern as a quilting pattern for the squares as shown in Dia. H. To print the pattern, click on the "Download Project PDF" button (above). Embroidery floss may also be used to highlight the butterflies, employing a big hand-quilting stitch or embroidery stitch.
  17. Dia. H
  18. Square up corners and edges, trimming excess backing and batting even with the quilt top.
  19. To make the binding, sew the four Coral Ditzy Flowers strips (2-1/2” x 42”) end to end; press seams open. Press one short end 1/4” to the wrong side. Fold in half lengthwise with wrong sides together; press. Leaving a 2” tail on the folded end, place raw edges of folded binding even with the edge of the quilt top and sew, mitering at the corners. Overlap ends, trim any excess and finish sewing the binding. Fold binding over to the back and hand stitch.
  20. Dia. I
Finished Care Instructions:Machine wash in cold water; gentle cycle. Lay flat to dry or tumble dry low.

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