Fashionable Floor Quilt

Fashionable Floor Quilt

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric & Craft Stores
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Additional Information

  • 1 yd 54" home decor fabric:
    large print
  • 1 2/3 yd cotton fabric for backing
  • 3/8 yd 54" home decor fabric
  • for binding
  • 72"x90" polyester batting
  • Rotary cutter, mat & ruler
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • #2 safety pins
  • Duck® brand duct tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Size 90/14 top stitch needle
  • Iron, pressing surface
  • 1/2"-width Steam-A-Seam 2, optional

DIRECTIONS: RS = Right side(s) WS = Wrong side(s)

1. Take batting out of wrapper. Allow wrinkles to relax. Place backing fabric, WS up, on large flat surface. Secure backing fabric to the surface with strips of duct tape. Tape down so that it lays flat with no wrinkles.

2. Fold batting in half to 45"x72". Place batting on top of backing fabric. Trim batting to size of backing fabric.

3. Place large print fabric, RS up, on top of batting & backing. Smooth from center out to sides. Allow some batting & backing fabric to show at sides of top fabric. Place safety pins every 5", to baste through all layers.

4. Set sewing machine with #90/14 Top Stitch needle & walking foot. Stitch from outside edge of fabric across, following design lines. End stitching on the opposite side of the fabric. Remove safety pins.

5. When the quilting is completed, trim excess batting and backing fabric with the rotary supplies.

6. BINDING: cut four 3"x54" strips of binding fabric. Join short ends together with diagonal seam to form 1 long strip. Press seams open. Fold over 1 long edge 3/4" & press. Fold other long edge over 3/4" & press.

7. Unfold 3/4" edge of binding strip. Position, RS down, along middle of WS edge of quilt, lining up raw edges & binding. Leave 6" tail of binding unsewn; sew binding to edge of fabric at fold line up to 3/4" from corner. Back-tack to secure seam. Remove quilt from machine. Clip threads.

8. MITER CORNERS: fold binding straight up to create 45 degree angle at corner. Fold binding down to create 90 angle at corner. Place quilt & binding back under machine. Stitch from outside edge of fold into 3/4" crease line. Repeat at all corners.

9. To close binding strip, fold under the end of the loose binding strip to create a clean edge to wrap around the end of the final strip. Overlap 1/2" and pin in place, matching bottom edges. Press binding over to the right side of the floor quilt. Binding should fold to the front slightly over the stitching line. Form the mitered corners by pressing each corner so it creates a diagonal line folding in the corner fabric. Topstitch the binding in place with matching thread and a multi-stitch zig-zag.

OPTION: Place 1/2" fusible tape in seam allowance of floor quilt between stitching line & raw edges. Steam press
in place. Fold over binding to RS, form each corner & press binding in place, eliminating the need for pins.