Feather Mohawk Hat
ITEM # 2279513P113
Feather Mohawk Hat
ITEM # 2279513P113



  • Zucker Feather Products Chandelle Boa in a favorite team color
  • Zucker Feather Products Marabou Boa in a favorite team color
  • Stocking hat
  • Scissors
  • Small safety pins
  • Head form OR small mixing bowl


  1. Put the stocking hat on a head form. A small mixing bowl upside down will also work. Just so the hat is expanded, as it would be if it were on a head.
  2. Measure the chandelle boa from the front of the hat to the back of the hat, down the middle, to start the Mohawk. There is a cord in the middle of the boa. Pull the feathers back and cut the cord at the required length.
  3. Start at the front and safety pin the boa every couple inches down the middle of the hat. Make sure to pin through the boa cord on each end to hold in place more securely. In the middle pins, make sure to pin the cord or through the cord when pinning. The boa is fluffy enough that the safety pins won't be seen.
  4. Repeat the same steps for the marabou boa: measure the length, cut and pin. Cut 2 pieces, 1 for each side of the chandelle boa that is already attached. Putting the marabou boa on each side makes the chandelle boa stand up higher, creating that desired Mohawk look.

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