Felt Wrapped Pumpkin Wreath

Felt Wrapped Pumpkin Wreath

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Floracraft
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FloraCraft® Make It: Fun® Foam:

  • Wreath: 14”
  • Balls: 1.5” and 1”

Felt: (¼ Yard) Orange and (4”x 2.5”) Black

4” Ribbon: Green

Thin Ribbon: Green

Large Button: Green

Fabric Paint: Green

(2) Small Beads: Black

Low-Temp Glue Gun and glue sticks



1.Cut a 44” x 8” piece of orange felt.  Wrap and glue the felt around the outside edge of the wreath, leaving 1” hang over at the back.  Glue the overhanging felt to the back of the wreath to secure in place.  Glue pleats in the felt as necessary for a tailored fit.

2.Firmly pull and stretch the felt across the front of the wreath working out the wrinkles.  Glue the edge of the felt to the back of the wreath.  Glue pleats in felt as needed for a snug fit.

3.To make the spider, cut four legs in each end of the black felt piece.  Cut the front legs shorter than the back legs.  Cut circles of orange felt large enough to wrap around each of the balls.  Firmly pull and stretch the felt around the ball working out the wrinkles as you go.  Glue the felt in place at the bottom of the ball.  Trim off the excess felt with scissors. Glue the head to the body being sure that the glued side of each ball is at the bottom of the spider.  Glue the legs to the bottom of the spider.  Glue the black beads in place for the eyes. 

4.Paint dots on the spider with the fabric paint and let dry.  Make a small bow with the thin green ribbon and glue it the spiders head. 

5.Cut a length of 4” green ribbon and glue it in a loop around the top of the wreath for the hanger/pumpkin stem.  This is a good place to hide the felt seam on the wreath.  Make a large bow from the ribbon and glue the green button to the center.  Glue the bow to the top of the wreath.  Glue the spider to the wreath.