Felted Party Hats

Felted Party Hats

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  • Simplicity&12 Needle Deluxe Felting Machine Extension Table
  • Simplicity&Daisy trim or one of choice (14” in length)
  • 1/2 yd of Simplicity&stretchy trim
  • Roving in assorted colors
  • EZ marking pencil
  • One sheet of wool blend felt
  • Beacon&Adhesive Fabri-Tac
  • Blank poster board party hat
  • Basic sewing supplies


1. Take apart the party hat and cut off any flaps.
2. Pin open hat to felt and draw around it with an approximate 1/2” allowance. Cut out pattern.
3. Gently pull off small amounts of roving and wrap around index finger. Stuff ends into the back center to form a circle.
4. Place circle onto pattern and felt in place in a circular motion. Continue felting with various colors in a random pattern.
5. Glue cardboard party hat onto the back side of the felting.
6. Press in place for a few minutes and let dry for an additional 5 minutes.
7. Glue daisy trim to the bottom edge.
8. Glue stretchy trim inside hat.

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