Field of Poppies Painting

Field of Poppies Painting

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Plaid
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Additional Information



  • 9"x12" prepared canvas
  • FolkArt HD paints: Berry Wine, Burnt Umber, Clear Medium, Engine Red, Green Forest, Raw Sienna, Sunflower, Thicket, Yellow Citron, Yellow Light
  • Field of Poppies Learn to Paint Pack
  • HD items: Brush Sets 4327 & 4328 Background Texture & Tool Kit Disposable Palette Paper
  • Artist Palette
  • One Stroke items: Brush Caddy Practice Paper Pad, optional Transparent Paper Pad, optional
  • Paper towel & soft rag


  1. Background -- Apply background colors of Sunflower, Yellow Citron and Thicket on canvas using HD Texture Tool to blend. Refer to No. 1 Worksheet from learn to paint pack.
  2. Background Bushes -- Double load 3/4" Scruffy HD Brush with Green Forest and Yellow Citron. Paint bushes by pouncing color in mounds, keeping Thicket to the top of the bushes. Use No. 2, 4 Worksheets as reference.
  3. Background Poppy Stems -- Paint poppy stems using No. 10 Flat HD Brush double loaded with Yellow Citron and Green Forest. Add a touch of Thicket to the Green Forest side of the flat brush. Paint flat strokes and chisel edge strokes to create the stems.
  4. Foreground Poppies -- Paint foreground poppies using a No. 16 Flat HD Brush loaded with Yellow Light, Engine Red and Berry Wine. Refer to No. 3 and No. 5 Worksheets.
  5. Foreground Leaves and Stems -- Paint leaves and stems using Thicket, Green Forest, Yellow Citron and No. 16 Flat HD Brush. Refer to No. 3, 6 Worksheets.
  6. Finishing Detail -- Using the bottle applicator tip of Yellow Light, Engine Red, Berry Wine, Green Forest or Thicket, you may apply additional dimension to the poppy petals and stems and lightly brush in the dimension. Don't forget to sign your name, either by brush or paint bottle tip!