Fiesta Cabana

Fiesta Cabana

Crafting Time:
  • Weekend Project
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Kreber
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Additional Information

  • 10'x10' cabana frame, purchased
  • 54" Home Decor Outdoor Fabrics:
    22 yds Fabric A for cabana top
    28 3/4 yds Fabric B for curtain panels
    4 1/4 yds Fabric C for band
    2 yds Fabric D for tie-backs
  • 28 yds 54" lining fabric
  • 3 1/4 yds of 1" Velcro® brand hook & loop fastener
  • Strong 100% polyester thread
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Serger
  • Heavy-duty sewing machine
  • Iron, pressing surface

DIRECTIONS: Based on 10'x10' cabana frame. Measure frame; adjust size & shape of pieces accordingly.
Use a 1/2" seam allowance throughout. WOF = Width of Fabric. WS = Wrong side(s). RS = right side(s).
Fabric A: Four 74"xWOF
Eight 48"xWOF pieces

1. Serge all sides of all pieces.

2. For each triangle of frame top, sew one 48" piece to each side of a 72" piece. Repeat for remaining 3 sets.

3. Fit to metal frame, WS facing out. Pin pieces where seams will be along ridge pole & mark seam line with chalk. Sew 2 pieces RS together, then sew the remaining two pieces. Sew the seamed pieces, matching corners to form cabana top. Trim excess fabric. Sew a 1/2" bottom edge hem.

4. Cut twenty 3 3/4" strips of Velcro® hook & loop fastener. Sew strips end to end, overlapping 3/4", hook side facing up, loop side facing down.

5. Sew 12 fastener strips in the center at 30" intervals, perpendicular to the long diagonal seams. Evenly space & sew eight fastener strips 10" vertically above the hem. This is where the top will attach to the frame.

Fabric B: Eight 74"x20" pieces
Sixty-four 3"x24" strips
Eight 74"xWOF pieces
Fabric C: Eight 73"x12½" pieces
Fabric D: Sixteen 30"x7" pieces
Lining Fabric: Eight 84"x18" pieces
Eight 84"xWOF pieces

1. Serge all sides of all pieces, except strips for ties.

2. For each of 8 panels, RS together, pair a 74" xWOF piece of Fabric B with a 74"x20" piece of Fabric B. Sew seam along the long side.

3. Place one piece of Fabric C along the bottom edge of each panel, RS together and sew seam. To form the 4" band, fold under 4" twice and press. Blind stitch in place.

4. LINING: For each panel pair a full-width piece with an 84"x18" piece of lining fabric. Sew 1/2" seam along longer side. For bottom hem of lining, fold under 2" twice; press & stitch in place.

5. TIES: Sew 1/2" hem on the short ends or serge the end. Fold lengthwise to the center. Fold to 1/2" wide; sew down 1/4" from edge. Fold each tie at center; baste to top edge of panel with the fold at the cut edge. Place a tie at a point 41⁄4" from the side edge. Baste 8 ties, 9" apart, on each panel.

6. RS together, center lining on curtain panel. Stitch seam along the top edge. Ties should lay between the panel & lining. Backstitch over each tie to secure. Turn WS together, fold side edges under 2" twice and press. Blind stitch hem.

7. TIE-BACKS: RS together, stitch along 4 sides, leaving 8" open on one side. Turn RS out, blind stitch opening. Top stitch. Cut eight 4" strips of hook and loop fastener. Sew hook piece to tie-back side near the short end, sew loop piece to other sides near the opposite end. Repeat for other 7 tie-backs. Once cabana is assembled, tack stitch tie-backs to curtain panels.