Flirty Floral Clutch

Flirty Floral Clutch

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: iLoveToCreate
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Additional Information

SupplieS & ToolS:
Tulip fabric-crafting products:
One-Step Tie-Dye Kit, Vibrant
One-Step Dye, teal
Glam-It-Up! Iron-On Crystals, 300 multi-color pack
Cordless Heat-Setting Tool
Aleenes Fabric Fusion Permanent Dry Cleanable Fabric Adhesive
1/2 yd black wool fabric
1 yd 100% raw silk
Sewing needle
Thread: pink, turquoise, lime
Scissors: wavy edge, straight edge
Needle with large eye
DMC Pearl Cotton Floss, black
Straight pins
Circular item to create flower pattern
Plastic tablecloth
1. Prewash silk fabric to remove sizing. Do not use fabric softener. Do not dry the fabric.
2. Cover work area with plastic tablecloth. Place damp silk on work surface and cut into 3 pieces: one piece is to be
cut approx. 1/2 yd and the remaining piece is to be cut in half, creating two equal pieces.
3. Wearing rubber gloves, add water to the lime, violet and teal dye bottles one at a time to line indicated on bottle.
Replace caps tightly and shake until dye is dissolved.
4. Keep the fabrics separated so the dyes will not run into each other. Squeeze the violet onto the largest piece of silk
and the remaining colors on the other two pieces until fabric is completely covered in dye. Cover fabric with plastic
and let sit 4 to 6 hours. Note: Silk has dif erent rates of absorption and wil have dark and light areas, which is the
desired effect.
5. Wash each piece separately in a large load of water with a smal amount of laundry soap. Dry and press al
wrinkles out.
6. Enlarge pat ern by 100% or desired size. Pin onto the black wool and cut out. Use the wavy edge scissors on the
edge of the flap only.
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7. Stabilizing form use the measurements of the back area of the bag and cut out a pattern about 1/2" smaller
on al sides. Using the pat ern, cut one piece from the wool and one from chipboard. Trim al the edges of the
chipboard about 1/4". Use Fabric Fusion to glue these pieces together and then glue the unit to the inside back
side area (chipboard side down) of the bag. It should not hamper the front of the bag when folded up or the flap
folding over to the front, and if it does, trim it down so it will not.
8. Fold the front up over the chipboard and align al edges. Using a needle and embroidery floss, stitch each side with
a blanket or buttonhole stitch. If desired, a running or whipstitch would work also.
9. Yo-yo flowers: The flowers wil be created by making yo-yos. Cut the circles using a large bowl, plate, circular
container or anything that is very close to the measurement needed. Cut circles from the dif erent colors of dyed
silk as fol ows: violet silk one each 14", 5" and 4"; teal silk one each 5" and 3"; lime two
3" and one 4".

10. Using thread that matches the color of silk, fold under less than 1/4" and sew a loose running stitch around the
outside and pull up the thread to make a tight circle. Move the fabric around until it is in the center of the circle
and stitch to the back so it will stay tightly gathered. Repeat with each circle of silk. Refer to photo.

11. Using Fabric Fusion, glue one of the smal est lime yo-yos upside down to the center gathered area of the largest
violet yo-yo to make the center of the flower. Let dry.

12. Fol owing the photo, position the smal er flowers along the bot om side edges and glue into place. Glue the largest
flower to the flap as shown.

13. Using the Cordless Heat-Set ing Tool, adhere clear crystals to the center of each flower according to package
instructions. Pressure is not needed to attach the crystals as long as the tip of the tool is touching the crystal.

14. Adhere green crystals along the wavy edge of the flap and in the shape of leaves around the flowers as shown.

Created by iLovetoCreate
Skill Level 2: Some Experience Necessary
Approximate Crafting Time: 3 hours plus dye-setting time
Please read and follow all manufacturers instructions for all tools and materials used.
Provide adult supervision if children participate in this project.
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