Floral Basket Arrangement

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  • 8"x8"x8" Styrofoam brand foam block
  • 1 sheet of moss cloth cut in half widthwise into two 9"x16" pieces
  • 1 bundle of salt cedar twigs
  • Assorted floral stems
  • 1 pkg brown floral tape
  • Wire cutters
  • Scissors


  1. Cover the sides of foam block with moss cloth, wrapping moss cloth approximately 1" over the top of the block to ensure clean edges.
  2. Bundle together 3-4 salt cedar twig branches; cut one end of bundle and wrap with brown floral tape. Push this end into the exposed top of the block, close to the edge center. Bend the branches to the height you desire and cut so they are even. Wrap these ends with floral tape and push into opposite edge of foam block to create handle.
  3. Cut floral stems into pieces and insert into foam block; arrange as desired.
  4. Fill vacant spaces with any remaining leaves.
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