Floral Centerpiece Trio

Floral Centerpiece Trio

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Floracraft
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  • FloraCraft® Foam: 6" balls (2)
  • Large hydrangea Bushes: cream (2) & pink/green (2)
  • Large peony bushes (2)
  • Large pillar candle holders (3)
  • Cream pillar candle
  • Glass hurricane vase
  • Floral pins
  • Wire cutters
  • Long serrated knife
  • Small screwdriver
  • Low-temp glue gun & glue sticks
  • Black marker


1. Cut the 6" balls in half using the serrated knife. Set aside one half ball for a future project. Firmly press the cut side of one of the half balls onto the top of the candle holder to create an indentation into the foam. Use the screwdriver to carve a channel along the indent made from the candle holder. This channel will allow the candle holder to nest into the ball for a more secure hold. For a more permanent hold, glue in place. Repeat this process to create a channel into the cut side of another ball.

2. Firmly press the rounded side of the last half ball onto the candle holder to make an indentation into the foam. Carve around the indent with the screwdriver so the ball nests into the candle holder. Secure the ball in place with glue. Place the glass hurricane in the center of the half ball. Draw around it with the black marker and remove the hurricane. This line will be the guide for flower placement.
3. Cut the pink/green hydrangea blossoms from the bushes leaving a 2" stem. Insert the blossoms side by side around the black marker line. Angle the blossoms to the outside edge of the ball. Glue leaves in place to conceal the bottom rounded portion of the ball. Place the hurricane and candle in the center.

4. Pull apart or cut apart the individual clusters of the hydrangea blossoms and floral pin them onto the ball separately. This will cover the ball more quickly and evenly, and the flowers will go further. Pin the cream hydrangea clusters to completely cover one of the half balls. If the edge of the ball is visible, conceal it by gluing leaves around the edge.
5. Cut the peony blossoms from the bush leaving about a 2" stem. Insert the blossoms into the last half ball, side by side, to completely cover the ball. Glue the remaining leaves around the outside edge.

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