Flower Mobile

Flower Mobile

Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • Branch
  • Crayola® Washable Kids’ Paint: green
  • Foamies® sticky-back craft foam sheets: glitter pink, purple, white, silver, green
  • Foamies® craft foam sheets: pink, purple, white, silver
  • Monofilament line
  • Wire
  • Scissors, pinking shears, scallop-edge scissors
  • Large adhesive dots
  • Eye screw
  • Circle templates
  • Pruner


1. Prune branch to size. Wrap wire in various places; create tails to use when attaching leaves. Paint green. Set aside.
2. Flowers: Make 5. Cut 1 large sticky-back craft foam circle and 1 matching craft foam circle. Cut 2 smaller circles for flower centers with pinking or scallop-edge shears.
3. Cut a 6′ length of monofilament line. Peel the backing off one of the large self-adhesive circles and lay it on the table, sticky-side up. Leaving a 12"-24" tail on the line, lay it straight across the center of the circle and press gently to secure. Lay the matching circle over the sticky side, sandwiching the line. Attach the flower centers with the self-adhesive backing or adhesive dots. Continue attaching 5 evenly spaced flowers on the line.
4. Petals: Cut a pie-shaped notch from the edge of the flower to the small circle at the center of each flower. The first 2 petals are the two from which the line is visible. Cut these first; do not cut the line itself. Continue around each flower. Make 4 lines of flowers.
5. Leaves: Stack 2 small rectangles of green glitter sticky-back craft foam. Cut pairs of leaf shapes. Peel backing off 1 leaf & press onto wire on branch. Attach its mate; squeeze together for good adhesion. Continue for all leaves. Loop a length of monofilament line through the eye screw and hang the branch at eye level.
6. Keep weight balanced & branch horizontal. Once the 4 lines are tied on, stand back and check for gaps. Use the same technique of sandwiching the line between layers & cutting notches to add more flowers as desired, or tie monofilament lines onto the branch. Keep in mind that every additional element shifts the balance of the composition & angle of the branch. Tails of the monofilament line may be trimmed or finished with a leaf or flower.
7. Attach an eye screw to the top of the branch at its center of gravity.