Flower Power Easter Eggs

Flower Power Easter Eggs

Crafting Time:
  • 1-2 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Intermediate
Project Courtesy of: Fimo
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  • Fimo Soft clay blocks: Tropical green, Cognac Raspberry, Sunflower
  • Fimo Effect color - transparent blue
  • Ceramic tile work surface
  • Pasta machine, rubber roller or bottle
  • Craft knife
  • Clear glass or transparent plastic Easter eggs
  • Towel
  • Krazy Glue


Refer to step-by-step photos in PDF.

  1. Fully covered glass eggs require a half block per egg. Roll out a thin sheet. Then wrap the rolled-out clay around the egg. To fit the sheet simply press the overlapping edges together so that they stick out. Make "darts" -- pressing surplus amounts of the wrap together. Trim excess. Now you can smooth the folds.
  2. Out of leftover bits of Soft clay make thin logs approx. 1/4 inch in diameter and cut very thin slices. Press these pieces onto the covered egg to form flowers.
  3. Before hardening, texture can be created on the by pressing the towel against the surface of the clay egg.
  4. For clay flowers, make individual petals out of the thin clay logs (as shown). Harden flowers in the oven. The flowers need to look proper from both the front and back which is why they need a center stigma on both sides. To link the flowers with wire, first take one clay stigma, press the wire onto it then add the petals and the second stigma.
  5. Place the covered glass eggs, the individual flowers and the flowers attached to the wire on a piece of foil. Harden in the oven at 230ş F for 30 minutes. An oven thermometer can be used to check that the oven reaches the correct temperature.
  6. After hardening, let the flowers cool down before adhering with Krazyglue onto the grease-free glass or plastic eggs.
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