Foamology™ Fun and Free-form Patchwork Design

Foamology™ Fun and Free-form Patchwork Design

Crafting Time:
  • Varies
Skill Level:
  • Some Experience Necessary
Project Courtesy of: Fairfield

Additional Information



•    Nine 12" Foamology™ On-the-Grid 
•    7 print cotton fabrics: 1 yd each 
•    Scissors, pinking shears or rotary 
cutter & mat
•    Quilting ruler
•    Glue gun & glue sticks
•    Butter knife
•    Grid paper
•    Pencil
•    Fabric glue: Optional



1. Design a pattern on grid paper.
2. Determine the size of fabric to cut. 
Allow 1" of fabric to tuck into the inner grooves. 
Allow 3" of fabric to wrap around edges & adhere to the back. 
For corners, allow 3" on the top or bottom & side to wrap around & 
adhere to the back. 
3. Use pinking shears to cut the fabric for clean, fray-free edges.
4. Always work from center to the side edges. 
5. Position fabric piece on soft foam & tuck into grooves with a butter knife. 
Secure with a line of glue to make it permanent.
6. When wrapping fabric around the foam to the back, fold the fabric 
around the side, then secure on the stickybase™.
7. It’s best to peel back stickybase™ liner from edges as you work. Do not 
remove entirely until ready to mount to the wall. 
8. Use a glue gun on the back corners to secure fabric in place.

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