Follow Your Art Journal

Follow Your Art Journal

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • 2 pieces of kraft card stock 9"x5-3/4"
  • Pages for journal
  • 1 piece of coffee stained (optional) manila tag board folder 2-3/4"x6"
  • VersaMark™ Ink
  • VersaMark™ Vintage Sepia Ink
  • Lodestar Embossing Kit
  • Fran•táge Mica Kit
  • Fran•táge Glitter and Ice Kit
  • Scrolled Medallion wood stamp
  • Life is Art wood stamp
  • Follow Art wood stamp
  • Large Tag wood stamp
  • Small Tag wood stamp
  • Heat tool
  • Hole puncher
  • Ribbon
  • Jump rings to bind journal covers


1. Stamp Scrolled Medallion with VersaMark™ Ink along side of journal cover and across bottom of cover.
2. Sprinkle blue embossing powder over medallions and across bottom section of Kraft paper. Tap off excess.
3. Sprinkle green powder above blue powder.
4. Add shaved ice over embossing powders.
5. Heat from underneath paper to prevent powders from blowing away.
6. Clean Medallion stamp and stamp more medallions over paper with Sepia Ink.
7. Stamp Medallion a few times with VersaMark™ Ink and emboss with Detail Copper from the Lodestar kit.
8. Tear end off of 2-1/4"x6" manila tag board.
9. Stamp Life is Art message on manila tag board with VersaMark™ Ink.
10. Stamp Medallion going off edge with VersaMark™ Ink.
11. Sprinkle various colors of embossing powder from the Lodestar kit over stamped images, and a little along the edge.
12. Heat from underneath with heat tool.
13. Stamp a small tag with Small Tag stamp and Versfine™ Sepia Ink.
14. Stamp “Follow Your Art" in center of tag with VersaMark™ Ink.
15. Sprinkle with two or three colors of embossing powder, making sure to sprinkle extra powder around edges for a random effect.
16. Heat from underneath with heat tool.
17. Sprinkle several lines of Clear Bark Embossing Powder across page.
18. Add in several colors of Mica flakes.
19. Heat from underneath to prevent Mica from blowing away.
20. Repeat this process on two pages for a front and back of journal.
21. Adhere “Life is Art" tag and “Follow Your Art “Tag to journal covers as desired.
22. Bind cover to papers with three jump rings
23. Embellish tags with ribbons if desired.