Framed Fabric Bulletin Board

Framed Fabric Bulletin Board

Project Courtesy of: Simplicity Creative Group
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  • Flat braid or gimp*
  • Frame with inside lip: remove glass & backing
  • Fabric
  • 3/8" foam core board
  • Quilt batting: 1/4" loft
  • Heavy-duty staple gun, 1/4" staples
  • Measuring tape, transparent tape, duct tape
  • Marking pencil
  • Pins
  • Scissors
  • Decorative brads, buttons, motifs

Gimp: Measure inside frame lip – (2X Width + 4") + (2X Length + 4")
Fabric & Quilt Batting: (Length of opening + 4") x (Width of opening + 4")
Foam core board: Measure inside frame lip minus 1/4"

WS = Wrong side(s).

1. Lay batting on WS of fabric & place foam core in center.
2. Wrap excess fabric around to back side of foam core board; tape in place. Check fit; adjust foam core if necessary, staple in place.
3. Check for smoothness on front side.
4. Wrap corners like a neat package and staple in place. Turn fabric-wrapped board RS side up.
5. Measure and divide each side into 3 equal sections. Mark each section on edge of board.
6. Cut 2 widths and 2 lengths of braid or gimp trim. Wrap transparent tape around trim where it will be cut, to avoid raveling. Lip of frame will cover tape.
7. Lay trim onto grid pattern; pin in place. Staple each end close to edge of board. Lip of frame will cover staples. Check that trim is straight; staple each cross section.
8. Cover staples at each cross section with a decorative brad, button or motif.
9. Place board into back of frame; use duct tape around board to secure.