Freestyle Topiary

Freestyle Topiary

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Purple Cows Designed by Ana Cabrera

Additional Information

Freestyle Topiary
by Ana Cabrera
This festive little tree can be altered to suit
any occasion. This springtime version, would
make a great table decoration to celebrate the
wonders of spring. The Purple Cows Freestyle
cutter makes it an easy and fast project, so
you can make a mini forest in no time flat..
Purple Cows Freestyle Cutter
2 sheets of Fabric Paper 12 ? x 12 ? you could

also use patterned paper
High tack glue
Small straight pins
Foam topiary form
1. Cut the patterned papers into 3 ? x 12 ? strips. Take
one strip and fold in half lengthwise, with the
patterned side facing together.
2. Using the Freestyle cutter. Shred the folded edge.
Leave about a 1/2 ? of the strip uncut. Be sure to cut
all the way through both layers. We used the straight
blade for the green rows and the wave blade for the
pink rows to add more texture.
3. Unfold the strip. Add a small bit of adhesive along
the bottom of one uncut edge. Do this on the wrong
side of the paper. Now fold over so that the wrong
sides of the paper are now together. This will create
a strip of loops.
4. Using the pins as an aid, glue the strip around the
bottom of the form. Repeat with additional layers. Be sure to overlap the layers as you
fill the tree. Fluff the loops as needed. Decorate to your tastes.
all designs � 2007 by Purple Cows Incorporated. all rights reserved.