French Door Shades

French Door Shades

Project Courtesy of: Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores
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  • 2 yds 45" home decor print Fabric A
  • 2 yds 45" home decor print Fabric B
  • 2 yds 45" home decor solid Fabric C: for ties
  • 1"x1" wood board for top mounting: one for each door: cut 3" wider than glass
  • 3/8" dowel for bottom hem length of each door: cut 3" wider than glass
  • Staple gun, staples
  • Basic sewing supplies
  • Sewing machine
  • Iron, pressing surface

NOTE: Length of fabric may vary depending on glass dimensions in door.

All seam allowances 1/2".

1. Measure glass opening in door. Add 4" to the width and length. Fabrics A & B: Cut one each with the new dimension for each door. The pictured door had a glass opening of 15"x67"; fabric was cut to 19"x71".
2. With RS together, sew both sides and bottom of each shade. Turn RS out and press. Sew top closed.
3. Turn bottom up 1½" toward the lining; topstitch to form a casing.
4. TIES: For each door cut four 4"xLOS pieces of Fabric C. Pictured ties were cut to 4"x71".
5. Fold each tie, RS together; sew along open length and one end. Turn RS out; press.
6. Staple top of shade to the 1"x1"; add two ties to the bottom & two ties on the top, 3" from each side. Mount to door frame above glass.
7. Slide the dowel into the bottom casing.

ABBREVIATIONS: RS = Right side(s), WS = Wrong side(s), LOS = Length of shade