Frosty Elegance Sticker Gift Box

Frosty Elegance Sticker Gift Box

Crafting Time:
  • Under 1 Hour
Skill Level:
  • Beginner
Project Courtesy of: Martha Stewart Crafts
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  • Martha Stewart Crafts™:
    Frosty Elegance Metallic Stickers
    Frosty Elegance Pearl Snowflake Embellishments
    Scoring Board
    Simple Circle Cutter
    Paper Trimmer
    Detail Scissors
    Dual Temperature Setting Glue Gun
    Permanent Adhesive Tape Roller 2 pack
  • Cardstock: red, white, light teal
  • Foam adhesive


1. Create a 4"x4"x3" box with lid.
2. For the base, cut a piece of red cardstock to 10"x10".
3. Place the cardstock in the upper left corner of the scoring board. Score at 3" and at 7". Turn the paper 90 degrees and score again at 3" and 7".
4. With scissors, cut along one score line from edge of paper to intersection of next score line. Repeat with the other score line on that side of the paper. Repeat with the two score lines on the opposite side of the paper.
5. Attach Frosty Elegance Metallic stickers to sides of box bottom.
6. Fold on remaining score lines, fold flaps in and use adhesive to form a box.
7. For the lid, cut a piece of light teal cardstock to 7"x7".
8. Align the paper to the 1/16" mark on the scoring board. Score at 1-1/2" and at 5-5/8".
9. Turn the paper 90 degrees. Align the paper to the 1/16". Score at 1-1/2" and at 5-5/8".
10. Cut, fold and adhere the lid as described above.
11. Use the circle cutter to cut a 1" red and 1" light teal circle, then cut a 1-1/8" white circle.
12. Create a half rosette by cutting one strip of cardstock to 2"x12". Use the scoring board to score lines at 1/2" intervals. Flip strip over and score between each line so there are score lines every 1/4". Accordion fold strip.
13. Form the strip into a half-rosette by gently fanning it out and bringing the ends together. Adhere with hot glue. Squeeze a generous amount of hot glue on the 1" light teal cardstock circle and adhere to center of half-rosette. Hold for a minute while the glue cools and hardens.
14. Adhere red circle to white circle, then adhere to half-rosette. Embellish with Frosty Elegance Snowflake sticker and adhere piece to top of box using hot glue as shown.