Garden Fantasy Bib Necklace

Garden Fantasy Bib Necklace

Crafting Time:
  • 3-5 Hours
Skill Level:
  • Advanced
Project Courtesy of: Blue Moon Beads
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  • Aqua 8mm bicone crystals
  • Acrylic leaf charms
  • Acrylic disco ball charms
  • Blue glitter bead
  • Ladybug beads
  • Strawberry glass beads
  • 4mm red round beads
  • Glass mushroom beads
  • Turquoise rose bead
  • Red white heart bead
  • Blue frosted glass flower beads
  • 8mm red stone bead
  • Assorted glass bumpy rondelles
  • Silver wire, 26-gauge
  • Silver eyepins
  • Silver chain
  • Silver jump rings
  • Silver lobster clasp


1. String one aqua bicone bead onto a silver eyepin and forming a simple loop to create an aqua connector. Repeat to create 110 aqua connectors.
2. Connect these together using jump rings as shown in the picture, to create a bib base.
3. Connect a double-strand of silver chain to each side of the bib, making the necklace anywhere from 16&to 22&in total length. Finish the ends with a silver lobster clasp.
4. Create three large flowers by cutting a piece of wire about one foot long. String on the beads for the petals, then go back through the first strung bead to form a loop. String on a center bead, then wrap the wire on itself to hold the flower together. Using the wire “tail” wire this onto the bib base. Create and place three flowers as shown in the picture.
5. Wire on to the base acrylic leaf charms, and single bead accents like the ladybug and the mushroom.
6. Create dangles by cutting a 6&piece of silver wire. String one bumpy rondelle onto the wire and form a wrapped loop, attaching it to the bottom of the bib base before finishing the wrap. Create and connect 11 dangles.